Dr. Harlan is Kansas City's most experienced orthopedic surgeon treating hip disorders of the young active athlete, weekend warrior, and individuals with activity-related groin pain.  Dr Harlan HAS performED more than 1500 advanced arthroscopic procedures of the hip, including the arthroscopic correction of cam and pincer lesions of femoro-acetabular impingement, repair of labrum tears of the hip, repair of tears of the gluteus medius, and hip instability.


19 yo Division 1 college football lineman.

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This video shows Dr. Harlan at work during the very beginning of the arthroscopic correction of a CAM impingement lesion        

**entire correction not shown**

This video is a nice illustration of cam impingement and how it damages the hip joint.

Whether you are a weekend warrior, or a high level performer, Dr. Harlan utilizes only the latest sports medicine and arthroscopy techniques for the shoulder, hip, and knee.   
Dr. Harlan has received training from several internationally known and respected orthopedic arthroscopic hip surgeons, including Dr. J. W. Thomas Byrd of the renowned Nashville Hip Institute..  

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